The producers nucleated in the Union of Workers of the Earth (UTT) make this Wednesday the second day of “verdurazo and acampe” in front of the Congress, an action that accompanies the presentation of the project that facilitates small farmers access to land own.

From yesterday until Thursday the producers distribute vegetables and fruits in the Plaza del Congreso in order to draw attention and raise awareness among legislators that farmers need access to their own land.

Every day, from 11, they deliver 10,000 kilos.

The project, called the Public Credit Trust Fund for Family Farming, will be presented at 17 in Room 1 Annex A of the Chamber of Deputies.

And to explain the details, the UTT summoned all the political, institutional, and university forces.

“This bill responds to the need of hundreds of thousands of small producers that in land outside and with 13% of the arable land in Argentina produce more than 60% of the food consumed in the country”, explained from the UTT it’s a statement.

The objective is to facilitate access to one’s own land through soft loans for agricultural families.