The controversy over the arrival of low cost to the country was intense and still generates noise. On an international level, in February Norwegian started flying from Ezeiza airport to London and connections in Europe. In domestic flights, Flybondi operates from El Palomar 14 flights per day to the Interior.

The business plans of these types of companies are clear. Have an attractive rate and charge additional for everything “secondary” such as dispatch of suitcases, meals, drinks, blankets, headphones and even the selection of seats.

On this last question, the exhibition Aircraft Interiors Expo, an aeronautical furniture fair that takes place in Europe, presented a practically standing seats for travel, created by the Italian aircraft furniture firm Aviointeriors.

According to the newspaper El País, the seats have a base similar to a bicycle with a fully vertical backrest. The distance between each of them is 58.4 centimeters. A “low cost” like the Spanish Rynair, for example, has a distance between seats of 76 centimeters.

The Aviointeriors engineers indicate that the Skyrider 2.0, the name of this seat, is “ultra-dense” (because more people fit in the plane in less space) since it allows up to 20% more seats in an aircraft.

It also indicates that they weigh half as much as a normal one and that they have a low maintenance cost. Advantages, all of them, for the airline and not for the passenger.

But for now these seats are only part of a sample and are not reality. Likewise, Aviointeriors is convinced that they will be used in the short term.

“We are convinced that it will be used on commercial aircraft, perhaps not immediately, but it will definitely be a possibility for short-haul flights,” a representative of the Italian firm told the British newspaper The Telegraph.