In a statement, he said that from Friday, April 27 to May 4, in the middle of a bridge holiday, production will stop. According to the firm “the objective is to adapt the volume of production to recent market fluctuations.”
The General Motors plant in Rosario.

“With the aim of adapting the volume of production to recent market fluctuations, the plant will suspend activities from Friday, April 27 to Friday, May 4, returning to normal activity on Monday, May 7,” General Motors said in a statement.

For its part, the Union of Mechanics and Allied Automotive Transport (SMATA) noted that the measure obeys, according to what they reported to the union, a drop in sales.

From the local delegation of the guild they said that the firm also advanced the possibility of lifting one of the two production shifts with which it is currently working. “We fear that behind this we want to reduce personnel,” said Marcelo Barros, general secretary of Smata, Rosario delegation. Since the company did not talk about it.

The union announced that next Tuesday a meeting will be held at the headquarters of the provincial Labor Ministry to discuss the issue. “We will fight” for the jobs, warned Barros.

In mid-October the company announced in Alvear an investment of 500 million dollars as part of the project for the manufacture of a new car model. The president of the company in Argentina, Carlos Zarlenga, had anticipated that the plan would create new jobs in 2020, when it was launched. 80 percent of that new product was to be exported to Brazil.

General Motors currently has in Argentina 2,100 employees and last year reached an annual production of 55 thousand units. Between 70 and 80 percent is destined for Brazil, while the rest mostly remains in the local market, although Uruguay and Paraguay acquire part of the production.

Before the shutdown of the plant the Smata intends to negotiate with the company an agreement so that there is no cut in wages. The intention is to generate a “bank of hours”, and that the shifts not worked recover later.