With just a few days to the biggest sporting even in the world, WaykiChain (WICC) just introduced a betting App that will give soccer fans and the betting community a chance to support and bet for their favorite teams. This is the first ever blockchain based betting application to be used in any world cup competition.

The news comes barely days after WaykiChain (WICC) got listed on the Lcex exchange. This makes it easier for soccer lovers and hardcore betting enthusiasts to maximize on the global event. The coin is listed in over 20 exchanges and being part of the world cup will enhance its volumes and liquidity as well.

WaykiChain (WICC) Route to Market

WaykiChain goal is to tap into the lucrative sporting sector and return reward its community. Currently the blockchain outfit is running a reward program in a bit to spur growth in WICC volumes will increasing adoption.  The first top 3 high volumes traders using the WICC/USDT trading pair have already been awarded with gold bars in a promotion that ran for 5 days from 19th May.

Currently ranked 52nd by market capitalization, participating in the world cup marks the first WaykiChain’s use case. With the use of the gamers bet app, the system allows users to benefits from the multi-billion sporting industry. Gamming Apps are gaining a lot of popularity and the coin has chosen this as part of their route to the market.

Most use case blockchain outfits are targeting high volume industries and WaykiChain choice for the sporting industry is a huge win for its coin value growth and high user possibilities going into the future. With more applications in the offing, network participants will use the native WICC coin as the vehicle for making payments for products and services the platforms has on offer.

WaykiChain (WICC) and the World Cup Hype

The WaykiChain ecosystem focus is not just the world cup and the sporting industry. The world cup is just a stepping stone for better things in the future. Participating in the global event is just a testing ground. WICC is also set to get inroads into the entertainment, finance and technology sectors.

The world cup hype is set to make the application stamp its presence in the sporting industry and its capabilities will be tested live in less than four weeks’ time. With millions of fans soccer fans spread across the globe, a decentralized application that offers real time betting results will become a hit in no time.

The WaykiChain App comes with features that the betting lovers demand. Real time results, low bet transaction fees and instant payouts. This is an easy to use application and the interface is highly navigable with options to search and bet on your favorite teams. This gives the user peace of mind since the bet outcomes cannot be manipulated and it is compatible with mobile and desktop interfaces.

WaykiChain (WICC) Market Performance

Despite the bearish cryptocurrency market, WaykiChain (WICC) is currently trading in the green. However, the coins surge towards an all-time high of $2.50 this year have been thwarted, the coin is trading at $1.84 with Marginal gains of 8.48% and 10.68% against the dollar and BTC respectively.

This current run is a sign of positive warm up to the world cup and the performance of the coin during the event will make or break the coin going into the future. Huobi exchange is currently pushing the highest WICC volumes and things are looking bright just before the global soccer event.

At the moment the WICC coin seems to be a good bet for short term investors but once the project graduates from the beta stage, it will be a coin to watch in terms of value, traction and adoption. All eyes are on the App performance next month with more partners from other high volume industries keeping their tabs close to their chests.