It is a distributed financial infrastructure and provides a platform for the digital exchanges among the crypto currencies. It comprises of blockchain ledgers that record every transaction being made on their exchange network. It allows to establish a connection between different ledgers and perform asset transfers. Wanchain ledger uses smart contracts and it also provides privacy protection.

Dora Hack hosted a 24 hour Blockchain for Future hackathon on the 26th and 27th June in San Jose. A total of 120 hackers from all around the world participated in the event. Four challenges were presented before the participants. Challenges included privacy enabled decentralized exchange on their network, a WAN wallet, a unique smart contract and to make enhancements to the Wanchain explorers.

Wanchain (WAN)’s chief engineer Weijia Zhang gave a 20 minutes’ workshop to the participants, explaining them the basic rules and regulations regarding the development of Wanchain’s platform. He kept on guiding the participants along the competition whenever they faced some sort of dilemma regarding the network. There was also a room for taking naps and rest for those participants who were in need of rest. At the end of the event discussions took place among the participating teams and the Wanchain officials regarding their projects on the Wanchain platform. They did discover a way to improve two-factor authentication mechanism and a way to improve the experience for minors was also sought out using variable delay functions.

The hackathon came to end with an award function. The top 3 teams were awarded prizes for their exceptional projects, there were also 3 teams who won challenge-based prizes for their technically sound projects which they completed under 24 hours.


Overall hackathon was a learning experience for both the participants and the Wanchain officials. Wanchain (WAN) exploited this event and made connections with different technical development teams and built the Wanchain brand. Wanchain officials got the chance to meet some of the best talent available, they can turn this into their favour by learning new prospects regarding the developments of their platform. Such experiences can play a vital role in the uprooting of the technical skills of their development teams. Overall hackathon was a successful event but Wanchain (WAN) need to keep in mind some key points to improve the event if they are to achieve global recognition.