The ICON Foundation announced on August 12 that it is going to be sponsoring ‘PyCon Korea 2018.’ This is “the largest Python Programming Community Conference which is held on August 18th and 19th in the Grand Ballroom, 1st floor of COEX in Seoul, Korea,” according to ICON Foundation Medium announcement. The conference was started in 2014 by PyCon; a nonprofit conference for the Python Programming Language. It brings together global developers and this year’s event expects to have at least 2,000 attendees.

ICON platform is a Python-based blockchain project. The team is also giving a speech at the conference. In addition to that, ICON will have a dedicated booth at the venue. One of the software engineers at the company, Dae Hee Kim, is scheduled to offer a presentation which has been titled ‘Deep Dive into Coroutine.’

The foundation will also be presenting gifts to the participants at the conference. Some of these gifts range from wireless charges, ICX as well as kickboards. The team will also unveil the “new and fun ICON character stickers will be revealed during the event!

In other news, the ICON Foundation recently announced the launch of the beta version of ICON Developers Portal. The portal has been created to inspire and support decentralized application (dApps) developers in its community. The developer portal is currently managed by ICON’s partner De: Nexo. It will operate as a hub for developers in the ecosystem. It will also foster the creation of resources, sharing of knowledge and faster community updates among other amazing things. It is essential to note that De; Nexo is:

“ICON Ecosystem Builder, which provides business marketing support for ICON and business roadmap management and consulting for ICON DApp.”

About ICON

ICON is a cryptocurrency project launched in 2017 to connect the crypto space to the real world. Financial institutions, hospitals, universities and insurance firms among other entities make up the ICON Foundation network. ICON’s loopchain is already integrated in most of South Korea’s blockchain industry. It boasts of having actual use cases in financial markets including securities, community institutions like hospitals as well as commercial banks. Loopchain was developed to link communities and businesses, and together new business ideas are birthed while the existing businesses expanded. ICON has remained true to its vision of connecting the real world to the blockchain technology. Similarly, the website states:

“In Q4 2017, we have successfully launched the world’s first enterprise blockchain service ‘CHAIN ID’, and a shared security system for ID theft. Application of our technology to the clearing and settlements is due for 2018.”

ICON (ICX) Price Overview

ICON price is changing hands at $0.54 at the time of writing. CoinMarketCap shows that the price is down 2.8% in the last 24 hours. ICON, like many cryptocurrencies has been correcting lower due to the selloff that started at the beginning of August. Moreover, cryptos were highly bearish last week recording losses and even traded below April 2018 lows. The market appears to be welcoming back the bullish trend, but the upside is still limited.

ICON is the 36th largest crypto project with a market capitalization of $213 million. It has trading volume of $14.63 million in the last 24 hours. The platform has a total of 800,460,000 ICX while only 387,431,341 ICX are currently in circulation.