Ever since the Independence Day officially took place for TRON (TRX) foundation and TRX community, the development progress of this blockchain project seems to have been skyrocketing.

After going through another coin burn as announced several days ago, also organizing a live TRX lottery for the upcoming TVM launch scheduled for August 30th, which should altogether bring TRON foundation closer to the planned ultimate decentralization.

In one of the most recent announcements by the foundation, TRON has been confirmed for listing on KuCoin exchange, also presenting a groundbreaking social media application TronChat, set to replace Instagram, Telegram, and Venmo.

TRON Gets Listed on KuCoin Exchange

In the announcement that came out on August 26th, TRON is said to be officially accepted for listing on KuCoin exchange platform.

Justin Sun announced, in the spirit of keeping TRON developments transparent and democratized, that TRX will be trading with Ethereum and Bitcoin on KuCoin exchange.

Sun announced the newly acquired listing, adding that the listing makes up for a very important addition to the TRON community because KuCoin represents one of the most frequently used crypto exchanges at the moment.

Sun also added that TRX will become available for trading on this exchange as of August 28th.

In  one of the most recent cases regarding TRX exposure, TRON was added to the Bitcoin Superstore where it can now be used as one of the payment methods in numerous online stores and retailers across the globe, while the fact that token swap made TRX much easier to transfer makes it a more prominent candidate for new listings.

In the meanwhile, prior to having TRON announced to be listed on KuCoin exchange, the foundation presented an interesting alternative for Telegram and similar social media applications, also getting listed on CoinPayments as one of the available payment options.

Decentralize the Web: TronChat Dapp to Challenge Traditional Social Media

Tron foundation has been keeping it busy ever since the team announced the Independence Day on June 25th with the launching of the mainnet. As the team is preparing a live event with a TRX reward raffle in the pipeline, there are many interesting projects being presented as a part of the foundation’s most important milestone – decentralize the web.

After announcing the purchase of BitTorrent for 140$ dollars, Justin Sun stated that this mega-famous data sharing service will play a major role in making the internet decentralized again, also adding incentives for BitTorrent users which will become an active mechanism in the near future.

Moreover, Sun also launched Seedit integration with Twitter, which should allow TRX users to incentivize and reward their favorite community contributors with instant TRON payments.

The team has also announced an interesting decentralized application, called TronChat, set to challenge traditionally known SM applications such as Instagram, Telegram, and Venmo.

Tron foundation is planning on revolutionizing the way that social media utilization works, by bringing incentives and rewards with their social media Dapp. With TronChat, users will be able to communicate and share media on a daily basis; however, they will also get a chance to earn through their online socializing.

Sun is also aiming at correcting the wrong in social media, turning to Facebook as a bad example regarding the fiasco with taking advantage of users’ personal info and jeopardizing safety and privacy.

TronChat will have all major features like any other social media platform, enabling easy and instant communication, posting, live updates and media sharing, however, this decentralized application is also bringing tipping onto the table.

With TronChat, similar like with Seedit, users will be able to reward their favorite content creators, network and community contributors and influencers by tipping them in form of a chosen amount of TRX.

Additionally, TRX payments will also be enabled through messaging, which means that users can instantly send TRX units to their family and friends while chatting.

TRON in the Market

It seems that the most recently announced KuCoin listing in combination with more benevolent market currents is doing well to TRON in the market.

With the latest change on August 28th when TRX officially become available for live trading on the Singapore-based exchange platform, TRON was up by 12.40% against the fiat, currently counting 1.77 billion dollars in market capitalization.

Previously marking its all-time high of around 0.21$ back in January, Tron (TRX) is now being traded at the price of 0.0248$ after the latest change in the market.