Bytom (BTM) is a unique player in the crypto verse; it is the only functional coin to act as a bridge between the real and virtual worlds. It is a link between individuals, governments and other blockchain platform that allows exchange of digital and traditional assets to make the global economy frictionless.

The ecosystem rides on three layers; the app layer that basically supports and controls the various assets on the network. The second layer is composed of the smart contracts and here is where all Bytom contracts are executed. Then there is the ledger layer that controls the ecosystems’ database.

Bytom Recent Announcements

Bytom (BTM) just like most altcoins is in the forefront on developing its infrastructure to position itself for the future. The team behind the project has been working behind the scenes and the results are reflecting on the current adoption thanks to the project team working behind the scenes.

The MainNet switch is set to be completed by end of September and the community is eagerly waiting for the process to come to a close. The Bytom development team has announced the official release of BYTOM 1.0.5 with new version features that offer better user experience and more security.

The Bytom 1.0.5 now supports the SPV light nodes and this makes it ideal for smartphone users. Another feature is the optimization of the mining pool to tame circulation capacity. The new version now enables users to easily deploy their assets backed by smart contracts.

Other new look features include a new API with paging capabilities for better enterprise level usage. The team has also sorted the earlier experienced problem of user assets getting locked temporarily. Lastly, the team has solved the problem that multiple transactions cannot verify the transaction in advanced transactions thus preventing fraudulent transactions.

Huobi Support for Bytom (BTM) MainNet Switch

With the Main Net switch around the corner, Huobi exchange has put its weight behind the promising token. In their announcement a few hours ago, a statement dates 31 August from the cryptocurrency exchange has said:

“Dear users,

Huobi Global supports the BTM main net switch; the switch work will be approximately accomplished by the end of September. Since the mapping process is complicated, there are certain risks in personal operation. To ensure the security of your assets, it is recommended that you deposit BTM to Huobi Global since Huobi Global will help you deal with any technical problems regarding the main net switch. The specific contents of the main net switch will be advised via announcement, please stay tuned.

Your support for Huobi Global is greatly appreciated!”

Other exchanges that are supporting the ecosystem MainNet switch include CoinEx, OKEx and However, after the September 30th deadline, the technical team has indicated that their party exchanges.

Bytom BTM Price Surge

The development progress report and Huobi exchange support for the MainNet switch appears to have excited the token holder and other traders and has seen the BTM token trade on the green for the last 24 hours after gaining 6.67% to the dollar, 5.84% to BTC and 6.79 against ETH to trade at $0.199401.

The momentum sets the pace to usher in the new MainNet and the spike is set to hold with more investors coming onboard. The gains come at a time when the rest of the market is on a rollercoaster spree and for BTM; it is a huge plus as it tries to gain more visibility and traction.