Digibyte is the 33rd largest cryptocurrency in accordance with its growing market capitalization of over 303.2 million dollars.

DGB has been around for 4 years and during that time; Digibyte showcased immense value as a way of making fast transactions while using DigiShield, the technology that has been adopted by numerous cryptos and blockchain-based projects, such as Ethereum (ETH) and Verge (XVG).

In the spirit of heading towards new developmental stages as well as promoting mass adoption of digital assets, Digibyte team released the latest improvements in form of an upgrade Blockchain v6.16.4, bringing fresh improvements and bug fixes to the table.

Digibyte Released New Upgrades: Blockchain v6.16.4 is Alive

On August 26th, Digibyte made an important announcement via Twitter on August 26th, stating that the new release, called Blockchain version 6.16.4 is now officially released and is ready to be used by DGB community.

The team released the new commits on Github where the codes and upgrades are available for download, also stressing out the differences between the previous version and the latest update released several days ago.

With the new version of the Digibyte network the team has made improvements in the terms of fixing some spotted bugs from the previous version which includes solving the problem of RPC mining info response bug from the version 6.16.3, as well as fixing the issue regarding the import of private keys for wallets designed and released in 2014 with the launching of DGB.

Moreover, the team pulled the most recent Bitcoin 0.16.2 updates to the Digibyte network, also enabling users to use the option of generating bech32 prefix Segwit addresses, which was originally available in the previous version but was not activated until the latest version 6.16.4 came out on August 26th.

One of the most important updates in this version is upgrading the well-known DigiShield (MultiShield) in a way to improve the overall performance and efficiency for an additionally increased level of security on the network.

Alongside with adding other small improvements, optimizations, and fixes, the team behind Digibyte stated that the new version doesn’t represent a hard fork, but is only meant to improve the experience of DGB users.

Digibyte seems to be doing well despite the most recent decrease of around -3% in the market a couple of days later after releasing the new Blockchain version for DGB network, representing more than a decent payment method with the ability to generate a new block on every 15 seconds alongside with being able to process around 500 transactions in a single second.

Moreover following the further development of Digibyte blockchain, it seems that users from countries suffering from devaluing their native currency, like Turkey for example, are showing an increased interest for purchasing DGB with their countries’ fiat.

Digibyte Gaining Momentum among Countries with Devalued Currencies

Due to the tough political currents circling around countries like Turkey at the moment, given the fact that the US and Turkey are having still unsolved political disputes, the native currency of Turkey, Turkish lira, is promptly being devalued for several weeks already.

This is where many crypto enthusiasts believe the crypto assets could become a valuable solution for the issue of devaluation in the case of Turkish lira and in several other countries.

It seems that people in Turkey are also considering this option as a way of escaping from political conflicts influencing their economic and financial stability, so an increased rate of purchasing Digibyte units in exchange for Turkish lira has been noted on a Turkey-based SistemKoin.

It seems, at least judging by the increased rate of trading Turkish lira in exchange for DGB units, that people in this country are seeking security in purchasing Digibyte and spinning over 700.000$ between the trading pair in the course of twenty-four hours.

This is not an isolated case as Venezuela has already issued their native cryptocurrency called Petra, that way trying to solve the inflation problem going hard on their fiat currency.

Digibyte in the Market

Although DGB is seen in the red due to the recent drop of around -3%, the crypto has gone up by over 23% in the course of the last week despite the frequent market dips, also collecting over 18% during the period of the last 14 days.

Moreover, DGB went up by 36% from year to date while the majority of currencies are showing negative results on YTD charts.

However, Digibyte (DGB) fell by nearly -80% against the fiat since making it to its record price of 0.12$ now being traded at the price of 0.028$.