Cryptocurrencies are offering a myriad of solutions in the various industries and those with functional use cases are getting popular by the day. Verge (XVG) is one of these coins that go the extra mile to give the consumer additional privacy. The entry of the coin into the online betting sector is a huge boost in its global visibility quest.

Running an online betting outfit requires a lot of resources much of which goes into fraud and outcome manipulation prevention. This has made the cost of betting skyrocket dues to the demanding manpower and bank charges with gamers paying hefty commissions while making deposits.

Verge (XVG) Entry into Online Betting Arena via 1xBit

1xBit is a respected online crypto betting platform that has been in the market for a while has announced the addition of XVG on its platform as one of the payment options. The goal of adding the coin is to avoid using the convectional banking systems that fleece the consumer, slows down transactions and the user is exposed to the cumbersome chargebacks and plastic card fraud.

By 1xBit choosing a Verge they are assured of total privacy that the coin offers to their users. However, the blockchain outfit will help reduce transactions and the savings be passed on to betting goers as additional rewards. Blockchain technology also processes deposits faster and there is no user vetting required.

Verge (XVG) Price Recap amid Controversies

Despite getting a boost in the online betting world, the XVG price lost grip in the market that saw it shed 8.12% against the dollar to trade at$0.013957. This is however reflected across the crypto-sphere with most coins trading in the red for the last 24 hours.

Verge has seen a drop of over 95% this year and this has been attributed to a double DDoS attacks and the controversial PornHub partnership which made it the first digital coin to be used in adult entertainment as a form of payment. This might have kept some investors away and 1xBit is seen as a remedial partner for the damage already done.

At the beginning of the year, Verge [XVG] was the most controversial coin in the market and now has lost 95.08% since its all-time high. The reason is the DDoS attack which occurred twice and the collaboration with PornHub, one of the biggest adult entertainment industry around the world. The token became the first ever cryptocurrency to be accepted as a mode of payment by the adult industry.

1xBit Betting and Crypto Verge (XVG)

Making transactions using virtual currencies is becoming the in-thing. It offers the best user experience and convenience compared to fiat. 1xBit betting platform only accepts cryptocurrencies and to date, they have been able to row their fan base to the thousands. And adding a privacy currency like Verge will earn it trust.

The simplicity of 1xBit fits well with the privacy Verge offers. And getting started on their platforms is fuss free and you do not have to be an online gaming guru to use the system and make your payments using XVG. The process is straightforward and this could boost the two outfits’ adoption and what’s more, you do not have to upload your ID to be confirmed.

Verge joins other 16 cryptocurrencies that have been added on the platform. This means 1xBit brings together different digital coin holder to play on their marketplace and this adds to their usability and vale. The platform accommodates many crypto spenders and this is a good route to the market for each individual coin.

Verge (XVG) Best Bet for Betting

Online betting popularity and profitability cannot be overemphasized and with an open source oriented platform like Verge, it offers a one stop-shop for gamers who love their privacy. Anonymity has been lacking in the sector and the technological infrastructure driving Verge is set to revolutionize everything.

The Verge network has the right tools for both large and small scale transaction feature for merchants and players. Transactions are fast and the cost is near zero. Users are saving up to 90% on their transactions when compared to bank users.

If you are into online betting and you are looking for speed, privacy and a better value proposition, using Verge (XVG) on 1xBit is the best combination for you. You do not have to use third money processors as the system is integrated to your virtual wallet making the whole procedure seamless.