Nano (NANO), currently ranked as the 27th-biggest currency in accordance with its market capitalization of over 400 million dollars is definitely dominating the market with the latest gains against the fiat.

On the last day of August over 95% of crypto assets are showing positive changes in the market thanks to a sudden rise of a bullish trend, however, Nano coin is showing an extraordinary pace of growth with over 15% of gains against the dollar in a single day.

Moreover, NANO has managed to go up by over 200% in the course of the last two weeks, making this crypto one of the top gainers in the market where the bear trends are frequently returning.

In addition to a successful bull run against the fiat, Nano coin is aiming at increasing adoption of NANO in developing countries, stating off with Venezuela, also being most recently added by Coinbene exchange to its official list of live trading cryptocurrencies.

Nano Is Spreading Adoption across Developing Countries

In one of the most recent community spotlights published on Medium by the team NANO on August 29th, it was announced that the team is working on spreading adoption of Nano across developing countries.

Within their mass adoption program, Nano coin team first approached a lead representative for the Venezuela project which is being run by the Nano Center. Fabio, the leader of the project stated that the first interest in Nano appeared back in December of 2017 once he was able to spot the immense potential that NANO has for developing countries.

Given the fact that Nano coin represents a fast and feeless payment method, it makes up for a perfect choice in the countries that are still developing, like Venezuela which is currently suffering from a massive economic crisis.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has already issued a currency called Petro coin, which is set to become the new national currency of Venezuela in accordance with president Maduro, however, this case is not preventing Nano team from promoting adoption of NANO in this country.

While the national currency of Venezuela is suffering from devaluation, causing an economic crisis in this country, Maduro considers that switching bolivars, the national currency, with Petro will most certainly improve the state of the economy in this country. However, many believe that Petro coin is actually a scam coin, not being strong enough as a blockchain –based project.

Fabio, the project leader in Venezuela, presented the problem in this country as potentially solvable with Nano coin, while not even mentioning the utilization of president Maduro’s cryptocurrency.

When asked about the current state of economy in Venezuela, the leader of the Nano project in this country added that Venezuela is suffering from hyperinflation which means that banks are short of money, often not having enough in vaults, also stating that credit card systems are frequently collapsing as the bolivars are being devalued in a matter of days.

Fabio started the project as he believes that the team Nano could solve this issue, promoting the feeless experience in addition of having the Nano network processing payments in a matter of seconds.

He further stated that their organization with the help of Nano team will be working on establishing Nano in Venezuela as a meaning of an alternative payment method that will allow people in Venezuela to receive payments instantly and without massive provisions.

Fabio added that the team has already partnered up with lawyers and accountants who are willing to participate, also partnering up with Salvatori Agencies, which is a marketing company that will be working on promoting Nano.

Nano in the Market

As the team in Venezuela is taking over the mass adoption campaign in order to promote this asset as a fee-free and fast payment method that has a potential of solving hyperinflation in developing countries, NANO is seen spiking up big time.

In the course of the last two weeks, the coin has shown some amazing improvements against the fiat by rising up by 220% in the period of the last 14 days. In addition, Nano is also seen going up by 69% in a one week run, also scoring 15% in the course of the last 24 hours, easily making up for one of the top rising coins in the market.

In the course of the year, NANO (NANO) has risen by nearly 2000%, currently being traded at the price of around 3$.