The BuiltOnEOSIO appears to be changing the fortunes of the EOS ecosystem. The campaign has been going on for a while and has seen the outfit visibility increase and more dApps coming onboard. With many crypto platforms offering the same service, EOS (EOS) is turning out to be the dApp hub.

The EOS team has been working on its systems for the batter part of the year and the first results streaming in is the increased interest in building dApps on the ecosystem. Ethereum has been the dApp king and appears to be losing grip on its market and letting upcoming altcoin run the show.

EOS (EOS) Voted the Best Platform/Protocol

The efforts behind the scenes by the EOS developer team might not out rightly show on the coin price but he technological advancing that delivers on the real life consumer expectations. The EOS platform has been awarded the 2018 Block Award signaling the beginning of a new era of improving what the team has built to maintain the position.

While announcing the achievement, EOS says:

This comes barely a few days after the platform was voted by the Chinese government as the most promising beating Ethereum to second position. Its leadership in the technology index has pushed the coin to be recognized for the Block Award this year. Crypto verse analysts are beginning to see an emerging dApp market leader in EOS.

EOS (EOS) BuiltOnEOSIO Campaigns

In the crypto verse, visibility is king and EOS is using this mantra to their advantage. The BuiltOnEOSIO initiative is one of a kind in the industry and is polling crowds to build on the platform. The recent onboarding of a musical ecosystem to build on EOS is a clear sign of where the platform is headed and in the next five years or so; it will be a true future dApp hub.

A Sydney base music streaming and collaboration outfit, Emanate has confirmed building its brand on the EOS platform. This is a confirmation of the robust nature of the blockchain platform, and secondly, the coin is stable enough to drive the music streaming agenda to the next level.

When passing the good news to the community through twitter social platform, a tweet from EOS official handle read in part:

“Today, on #BuiltOnEOSIO, w turn the #DAPP spotlight on @EmanateOfficial, a Sydney based company that’s building a music streaming and collaboration network on #EOSIO.”

The Emanate website clarifies the deal as follows:

“Each time artists collaborate an agreement is executed on the ledger. This brings clear transparency to the artists, and for the music producers and record labels it expedites the processes of dealing with multiple parties and long negotiations.”

The collaboration will see Emanate become the “leading blockchain-powered music monetization platform. We think there should be one place on the internet for artists to upload final audio tracks where they can be collaborated on, integrated into other systems, embedded and ultimately allow payments to flow back to the originators in real time,” adds the CEO, Sean Gardner.

Good News EOS (EOS) Price Spike

The EOS price has been shifting between the red and green trading zones for the better part of August. However, the good news streaming in from its initiatives are showing positive impact on the coin price and eventually this will translate into increase in value.

At reporting time EOS coin was changing hands at $6.67 after marginal gains against the dollar of 7.27%. With major coins recovering in unison there is no doubt a dream EOS worth $10 might be realized sooner than many holders anticipate. The current visibility is big enough to start seeing the fruits of the project teams’ hard work.