As the market is providing a relief to the majority of cryptocurrencies, leaving space for a set of decent rebounds, Monero (XMR), a well-known privacy coin is spiking up by over 10% in a single day.

Alongside with collecting gains on the first day of September, Monero has recently been declared as one of the top gaining coins of the current year. In a report provided recently by Satis Group, an agency for ICO advisory and research, Monero, alongside with Bitcoin is said to be one of the biggest gainers in the crypto market.

Monero Leading the Top Gainers, Ripple Might be Threatened by a Massive Decline

In the report submitted for the public by the Initial Coin Offering advisory and research company, Satis Group, Monero, and Bitcoin were marked as the top gaining crypto assets in the upcoming year, also providing long-term reports on the future gains of top ten coins.

The firm has made an evaluation for the top 10 coins, however, in this case, it placed Monero as one of the top ten crypto assets even though IOTA (MIOTA) is currently taking the spot of the 10th biggest crypto in accordance with its market cap.

Even though Monero is at the moment ranked as number 11 on the official ranking list of all cryptocurrencies, this privacy coin certainly deserves a spot on the list of top gainers with the information Satis Group has provided with their valuation of the market.

Satis Group has made several predictions based on a thorough research and professional analysis of the crypto market, highlighting that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) might see a massive downfall.

In accordance with the report, BCH might go below 300$ while XRP is more likely to go down to 0.01$ per one unit, highlighting the fact that all assets inheriting other brand’s recognition  and providing minimal technological advantage will see a downfall, as well as “misleadingly marketed” assets with centralized ownership and validation, taking Ripple as an example.

However, Monero is reported to have a bright future in the upcoming decade based on the all-time value analysis of the top ten coins, including XMR.

In accordance with the report provided by Satis Group in the course of the next year, Monero should see a spike of 1336% against the fiat, that way being traded at the price of over 1400$ per one XMR unit.

Moreover, in the period of the next 3 years, Monero is predicted to bounce up by over 6000%, also being traded at the price of around 6500$ per one unit. According to the report, Monero will see a massive rise, being valued at around 18000$ in the course of the next five years, and up to 39000$ in the next decade.

Predictions for Bitcoin BTC are equally positive as Satis Group is seeing BTC at the price of 32000$ per one unit in a single year while reaching the value of over 143000$ per single BTC in the next ten years.

John McAfee also predicted a massive rise for BTC, however, Satis Research has gotten “slightly” different results as McAfee previously stated that Bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars per one BTC “on June 17th, 2020”, also making a bold bet regarding his prediction.

Monero XMR in 2018

Although the year of 2018 was said to be THE year for the cryptocurrencies, we have seen some major downfall during the last 9 months with having lost over 85% of the total market capitalization of digital assets.

While Satis Group is reporting based on the latest analysis and research provided by the firm that Monero will be the biggest gainer in the next decade alongside with Bitcoin, while Bitcoin Cash and Ripple will see a downfall alongside with similar crypto peers, Monero didn’t have such a great year.

XMR is trading in the red on the year to date chart, showing loss of around -15%, while having been reported for vulnerability to 51% attacks earlier this year. However, Monero is seen bouncing back up on weekly charts, rising up against the bearish market for the last two weeks, gaining over 20% over the course of both last week and last 14 days.

In case that Satis Group report turns out to be accurate in the year to come and further, Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) holders have something to look forward to.