In a crypto verse where competition is becoming the order of the day, the privacy coin niche is going high-tech as players in the market compete to offer the best value to their audiences. ZCash (ZEC) has been hitting the headlines through its effects to attain the first position the privacy coin market.

The June ZCash hard fork has paved way for more developments with new features including the reference wallet among others. The current upgrades on the platform will enable it brings onboard more tools that will support a wide range of feature that will cushion the anticipated mass privacy adoption.

 ZCash (ZEC) gets Bittrex Exchange Listing Nod

The ZCash recent development records have not only resulted on the community excitement but also added confidence from credible investors and crypto exchanges with Bittrex being the latest. This will give the ZCash/Fiat pairs enough visibility that the community has been yearning for. The coin has been listed alongside Cardano (ADA) and this move has kept both trading on the green zone for the last 24 hour session.

ZCash and Cardano have been making steady development and adoption progress which has seen their strengthening credibility posing a serious challenge to the market leaders. However, both have unique features and their future depends on how they are going to roll out their real life use cases given the level of visibility they have achieved to date.

ZCash (ZEC) “Sapling” Upgrade Gets Underway

Everything at ZCash appears to be top gear in preparation of the “sapling” upgrade scheduled for October 28. However, the team released the 2.0.0 version in mid-August in preparation for the final sapling towards the end of next month.

After the release, users and miners have since commenced upgrading to the latest version according to the firm undertaking the project, Zerocoin Electric Coin Company through their engineer, Sean Bowe. Sapling tests are already underway and the actual genesis sapling block will be mined on block 419,000. According to Bowe:

“Sapling had previously activated on testnet, but because changes were made to the consensus rules your node will automatically roll back and proceed on the Overwinter testnet branch until Sapling activates again at the new height.”

The v2.0.0 upgrade will usher in a new era on the ZCash ecosystem with introduction of remote call procedures that will enable codes to execute from a remote controlled computer before the v2.0.1 upgrade is activated.

What Does the ZCash “Sapling” Upgrade mean to Users?

The ZCash platform is one of the fastest evolving outfits in the industry today and the upgrade is in line with the consumer demands. The upgrade is also set to fix some bugs slowing down nodes on the network and guard it against denial of service attacks whilst ignoring invalid transactions that are initiated on the platform.

The upgrade will also see reduced private transaction storage requirements and also upgrade the current cryptography protocol, zx-snarks for enhanced security to make the coin more privacy focused. These steps are set to take the ZCash privacy parameters to the next level.

ZCash (ZEC) Price Outlook

ZCash (ZEC), like any other coins in the market has gone through turbulent times in the market from end of July and the coins seems to getting out of the wilderness to trade in the green. The last 24-hour trading period has seen the coin remain on the green after gaining 2.53% to the dollar and trade at $155.82%.

With the recent and in doing project upgrades, the high price of ZEC appears not to be too high for new adopters who are focused on the networks future value proposition. Investors that hold privacy dear are onboarding and this might push the coin price and value to higher grounds before close of Q4.