The cryptocurrency arena is regaining its mojo back with the latest bullish momentum being witnessed on the charts. Most of the coins across the board are posting double digits returns in a long time since the long bearish trend started back in February. One of the well performing coins is 14th placed, Neo (NEO) which has seen its price soar by 12.74% in the past day to trade at $22.43 USD per coin.

The price rise has given many NEO fans a hope for future success as the market recovers from the turmoil faced in the past six months or so. Since the start of June, the coin has seen its price plummet by 60% as most experts blamed the overall bearish sentiment in the market as the cause for this huge drop.

However, the struggles faced in the last three months have not slowed down the developments seen on the NEO blockchain. One of the major milestones during this period is the “Neo Blockchain Game Development Competition” that was completed on August 31st.

The NEO Blockchain Game Development (NGD) Competition

NewEconoLabs (NEL), the Chinese developer community hosted the NEO Blockchain Game Development (NGD) Competition this Friday, August 31st 2018 in Shanghai, China. The competition which commenced at the start of June came to an end this August with CardMaker, a game application created on the NEO blockchain emerging the winner.

The NGD competition saw over 200 developers registering globally and 39 entries submitted and shortlisted for prizes showing massive interest in the blockchain. The competition was proudly sponsored by the NEO team and required participants to create gaming applications on the NEO blockchain.

“The NEO Blockchain Game Development Competition was the first NEO competition focused on game development, and aimed to foster a gaming ecosystem on the NEO platform.” – Smart Economy, NEO Medium post.

The winner, CardMaker, was awarded the Best Game title with a reward of RMB 800,000 in GAS tokens that can be used on the NEO platform. The winning game is a combination of card games, RPG, and user-generated content with blockchain that requires participants to solve puzzles and create their own cards to advance through the game.

Winners of the NEO Blockchain Game Development (NGD) Competition

The judging committee was comprised of NEO founder, Erik Zhang, NEL founder, Yongxin Liu, and NGC co-founder, Wayne Zhu.

Further developments on NEO

Neo Foundation solution to malicious attacks on the network

During the month of August, the NEO platform has seen an increase in the ‘malicious’ spam attacks on the platform. Furthermore, the network had a ton load of unauthorized transactions running. The Neo global development team and community have worked towards eliminating these malicious spams on the network through the following solutions:

  1. Raise the minimum transaction fee to 0.001 GAS. [The fee may be increased to 0.01 GAS if the proposed fee is still not high enough to deter attacks].
  2. Integrate version 3.0 preview which avoids repeated validation of transactions in the memory pool. The team is currently testing the NEO-CLI 3.0 preview. If successful they will merge them into master branch and release NEO-CLI v2.9.