TRON foundation has been working hard even after the official launch of TRON mainnet and the declaration of the Independence Day for TRON and Tronics on June 25th. Two months back with the release of the mainnet, Justin Sun also announced the launching of the TRON Virtual Machine, set to take TRON (TRX) to the next phase of its development while opening the doors of the network for developers.

As announced, the virtual machine was launched several days ago on August 30th, also releasing a set of tools for smart contract operations to meet the requirements of interested developers.

The team behind TRX presented the TVM in a live stream after which TRON scored two more listings.

TRON Launches TVM: Dapp Era Unlocked for Tronics

As scheduled weeks back, TRON foundation released Tron Virtual Machine on August 30th, that way leading the foundation into a new era of decentralized applications.

With TVM, Tron foundation is hoping to get even closer to competing with Ethereum as Sun claims that the Ethereum Virtual Machine is not able to meet all the demands that developers have in accordance with their feedback on platforms like Ethereum.

One of the main goals of the foundation regarding the most recent launch of the TVM is increasing the adoption of blockchain technology, hoping to attract more new developers with the latest package of tools that enables smart contract operations.

Moreover, besides from providing support for creating decentralized applications in a simplified way, TRON foundation has made it possible for developers currently working with Ethereum Virtual Machine to switch to TRON VM easily, by migrating their decentralized applications to the protocol of TVM.

To attract developers from other platforms, TRX foundation claims that they have met all the requirements based on the feedback of ETH developers who are said to be discontent with the way Ethereum Virtual Machine is functioning at the moment, claiming that TVM is offering optimized speed, lower costs and more scalability for Dapp creation with the newly launched VM and the set of tools for smart contract utilization.

With the virtual machine, the foundation should be able to bring the network closer to the gaming industry, content distribution, financial industry and social media networking via allowing the creation of decentralized applications within the described criteria.

Alongside with allowing Ethereum VM developers to switch to using TVM while migrating their Dapps from ETH platform to Tron mainnet, the new TVM has come with numerous features.

That is how the virtual machine brings an increased speed for processing transactions, allowing 2000 transactions to be processed in a second, also having block time of 3 seconds.

The performance of the machine is optimized with compilers for better performance while adding smart contract codes that allow the implementation of voting, freezing smart contracts, and trading.

The team also added Java, which allows developers to use this programming language in order to create and design traditional non-blockchain applications in which blockchain technology is later integrated with the utilization of TRX network.

To support the use of blockchain as well as the creation of Dapps on TRON network, TVM also has a new resource manager and a new database.

After completing the official launch of TVM the team saw TRX rising up in the market, as TRON was listed on two more exchange platforms.

Tron added to BTCAlpha and CoinDeal Exchange

After releasing Tron Virtual Machine on August 30th, TRON has once again shown a growing momentum as the currency immediately got added to two more exchange platforms.

This time, TRON was added to an official list of live trading coins on BTCAlpha and CoinDeal exchange, which alongside with TVM release brought three times higher trading volumes in oppose to Ethereum.

However, several days later, TRON is seen taking the spot of the 13th best coin, dropping down the ranking list due to the drops that followed.

To celebrate the listing of TRX on this exchange, adding BTC as a trading pair, CoinDeal organized a massive giveaway of TRON units for users that join the “Game of Tron” quiz, for which the winner of the quiz could get up to 100,000 units of TRX.

Although previously spiking up after the TVM release, Tron (TRX) is now seen dropping by -3% on September 3rd, being traded at the price of 0.025$ per one unit and with great odds for additionally increasing the trading volumes of TRX thanks to the newly released TRX virtual machine.