In the crypto verse, there are no friends and foes; it is all about value proposition and the technology behind every player. This appears true when it comes to new technologies like Holochain (HOT) trying to outsmart older ones in industry. Ethereum has its good run and new entrants have been able to see where the systems fails to deliver and they are filling the gap very fast.

Ethereum has always offered alternative solutions for the investors find Bitcoin way too mainstream in terms of value, However, the platform has been overwhelmed by scaling issues and users are looking for better assets that  have its similarities but have a better value proposition and Holochain (HOT) appears to be the right platform.

Why Holochain (HOT) is a Huge Project?

Billed the next distributed computing network; the coin comes with a revolutionary fast block execution, an area where many platforms have gotten stuck. The ecosystem deploys Distributed Hash Table (DHT) protocol that allows only nodes to exchange information for faster “agreement”. This means data is localized and not shared by all nodes and the less elaborate interaction increases speeds.

Unlike Ethereum, Holochain native DApps or hApps do not actually sync with every participant on the network and this makes the system performance fast. Interaction is secluded to select nodes and others get involved when need arises. This cuts down on node communication to deliver fast transactions.

These are some of the attributes that will beat Ethereum hands down when it comes to the marketplace integration with P2P systems and social networks. Holochain is the best fit for social distributed system and its huge potential is yet to come out.

Holocoin (HOT) and Mozilla Compatibility

Holochain has its native hosting solutions platform, HOLO. Which is decentralized and this will connect directly with the user in order to access hApps using their respective browsers. The capability to offer users unlimited internet for their daily use has seen interest from Mozilla with a possible collaboration in the offing.

As network host on the Holochain ecosystem, you will be using the HOLO fuel or crypto credit to access the platform services. For the purposes of linking the Holochain ecosystem with other digital assets in the market, the project team has introduced HoloToken or HOT to enable trading.

Computing power will be the backbone of the ecosystem as it is set to control the value of the HOT token and thus increase value as adoption by more hosts is achieved. Simply put, the system is banking on mass adoption and computing power consumption to grow its value in the market.

Holochain (HOT) Limelight and Price Recap

Holochain is dynamic and the team behind it very transparent and this has seen a lot of trust and confidence coming from the investors. The periodic development progress updates have resulted in a very tight knit community and the support has been seen through the development phases.

The latest development updates have brought HOT into the limelight and the Mozilla is set to through its weight behind the coin due to its simplicity and compatibility with the Firefox browser. This has send the HOT price to the moon in the last few days and at the time of writing, the coin is trading on the green.

HOT has been enjoying a smooth ride in the market that has seen the price steadily hold on to the double digit gains to trade at $0.001368 after gains of 18.64%, 17.83 and 20.16% to the dollar, BTC and TH respectively. This is clear warning to its competitor, Ethereum in the market. At the moment, the token adoption is on the rise with the competition shedding users to other altcoins.