There are nearly 2000 different cryptocurrencies currently being traded in the market and each of these assets has more or less a unique vision of how blockchain technology is utilized. Crypto enthusiasts are mostly interested in top 10 currencies, however, a gem or two can be found even outside the top list, regarding on which type of currency one might be interested. Lympo (LYM), although not the most famous crypto in the market and currently ranked s the 241st largest currency, has shown some amazing progress in the market within a short period of time, which placed LYM in the spotlight on September 4th.

As Lympo has managed to collect over 70% of gains in the course of the last 24 hours, that way showing an increased interest in this currency, we are revealing what is Lympo all about.

Sports and Health Cryptocurrency Lympo (LYM)

Lympo is all about sports and healthy lifestyle. The crypto is presented as a way of collecting sports and health data, also utilizing it, in a more efficient way when compared to the way data is traditionally collected.

Since 2005, the sports and health, as well as fitness industry, has grown from 46 billion to 90.9 billion dollars which showcases that the demand for such activities is increasing, consequently having the industry growing.

People interested in living a healthy lifestyle will often use different applications, which are usually made to track the progress of users; however, Lympo utilizes blockchain technology in order to be able to present an alternative way of utilizing that same sports and health data collected through these commonly used centralized applications.

Lympo allows users to start living a healthy lifestyle with the help of blockchain based features that allow users to create a unique health and fitness program in accordance with their personal data.

Once a user has created their personalized account within the health and sports program made to match their needs, they are awarded a Lympo digital wallet in which they can hold their Lympo currency.

What makes Lympo stand out from the traditional health and fitness applications is the fact that LYM incentivizes its users. That is how Lympo users can earn LYM units by completing their activities within the customized program.

The LYM units can then be used on the Lympo market, which offers hundreds of different products that are related to health, sports, and fitness. LYM units can also be exchanged for fiat or kept safely in a wallet.

The Lympo network is consisted of services, products and service and product providers, as well as users, where fitness and sports coaches can incentivize users with LYM tokens for completing professionally crafted sports and fitness programs, gym owners, and health center owners can also reward LYM users for attending a certain physical location, also having health insurance companies offering rewards in form of LYM for users of the network.

The main goal for LYM in accordance with their presentation is to incentivize millions of users into embracing a healthier lifestyle, also hoping to be able to use LYM tokens to crowdfund the future sports and health startups, that way creating a massive blockchain based ecosystem for fitness and health that rewards its users.

It seems that LYM is slowly starting to catch on as a trend if it is to judge by the most recent gains the token has collected despite the partially sluggish market on September 4th.

Lympo in the Market

It isn’t difficult to imagine that crypto enthusiasts would be interested in Lympo tokens, especially with the fact that the sports and health industry has doubled in the course of the last 12 years, meaning that there is a growing interest in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Lympo is focused on motivating millions of people into achieving their health and sports goals, using rewards in form of LYM tokens which can be used for purchasing hundreds of different sports, fitness and health goods.

It seems that LYM is slowly gaining on the increased interest as LYM is seen spiking up by 76% in the course of a single day, making up for the top gaining coin of the day, currently being traded at the price of 0.024$.

Lympo made it to its all-time high two months ago, back in June, when it was valued at 0.13$ per one LYM.