The last 24-hour trading has seen 97% of the top 100 digital assets trade in the red with only BitcoinDark trading in the double digit zone of 25.81%. Theta Token (THETA) has not been spared and has shed 7.95% to trade at $0.085124. This has been the market trend in the last 7 days which has seen the global market cap drop to $192.5billion with Bitcoin dominance rising to 55.9%.

Despite the drawback, Theta Token (THETA) has been steadily growing and its entrance into the top 100 is a huge plus for the revolutionary video streaming blockchain pioneer. The coin has been able to grow by 305 in a bearish market and this is a clear indication that it is a hit waiting to explode. The successful SILVER.TV has drawn a lot of interest. Users have access to fast and high quality video content to stream and download at their disposal.

Role of Theta Token (THETA) in Video Streaming

Video streaming has always had a myriad of problems and Theta Token (THETA) is set to revolutionize the industry through decentralization. The platform aims at providing both technical and economic solutions in industry. To achieve their goal, the team behind the project will enable users to share their extra bandwidth and get rewarded for video restreams.

Theta Labs, the outfit behind the project, has the support of two serious investors; Samsung and Sony. The digital asset has also added Justin Kan and Steve Chen, co-founders of Twitch and YouTube respectively to sit in their advisory board. This is a formidable team that is set to challenge Netflix and Amazon in video streaming.

Theta Market Penetration Adding Value to THETA Token

According to Cisco predictions, video streaming will command 90% of all internet traffic up from the current 70% by 00 and the entry of Theta Token (THETA) is a timely move that will see its adoption increased tremendously due to its value proposition to the user. The monopoly of content delivery networks (CDNs) by a few providers has made the cost get out of reach for the ordinary user while comprising on quality.

With the Theta network, you share your unused computing resources to make video restreaming a reality. Whether you are headed for a holiday or just going to bed, you can turn computer to a CDN host by leaving it on. The Theta system will track your computer processor, calculate the amount of data and automatically reward you with Theta Tokens.

Theta Token Benefits to the User

The idea is very bold and participants will gain from their interaction with the Theta ecosystem according to the Theta Labs co-founder and CEO, Mitch Lu:

“It’s a win-win for all. Users earn money by using their excess bandwidth, while streaming firms reduce CDN costs and create new values for consumers. The Beauty of Theta is it’s an add-on to their existing platform. We do not compete with YouTube, Naver or Afreeca TV. We want to partner with them.”

Theta Token (THETA) collaboration with Samsung is set to introduce 3D streaming backed by Samsung VR with an eye on the Korean market .The Korean market is very open to new technologies and this is a huge boost for Theta visibility in the run up to more adoption.

Theta video streaming is set to offer additional options in a market that is driven by mass adoption. To reach a larger audience means token usage increase and the value goes north. Incentivizing participants has become very popular this has seen the Theta Token (THETA) value gains traction in the recent past.

The increased adoption is drawn from the Netflix and Amazon audiences and the migrants are looking for a platform that is affordable and is value for money and this s what Theta Token (THETA) network is all about.