With investor attention being drawn to the crypto verse leaders, EOS (EOS) has not been distracted in its vision and the coin performance in a bearish market is very much telling. The coin concentration on infrastructure development has left many wondering whether the coin will break even in a rather competitive market.

The developer team has not been swayed by the market was previously driven by price hype before realizing the user is looking for real life use cases. Many investors are shifting their focus from the digital asset market capitalization and looking at the solution offerings.

EOS Changing Direction

With consumer changing demands, EOS is turning its use-centric attribute around for its own benefit and eventually that of the investor. The coin development is not concentrated on building a scalable outfit that is set to beat its competition hands down. Scalability is the coins foundation and this will yield a better and stable ecosystem where the user is guaranteed of a bright future.

The ecosystem adoptability to new technologies and consumer demands has earned it a soft spot in China with the Chines government ranking it as the best projects based on blockchain. This is the fourth time the coin has won the spot since the ranking was introduced in May, 2018.

The rankings have seen EOS also emerge the best on the technology Index. The rankings have proved once again that Ethereum technology that continues to become outdated. This is a huge selling point for EOS the platform seeks to take advantage of the current migration from Ethereum.

EOS User Costs Cut Down

It all celebrations after the block producers approved cutting down user costs a move that is seen as way of setting the pace for mass adoption for EOS. The cost of opening an account for new users has been reduced and this is the way to go for this coin of the future. From September 6, new account holders will pay less than $2 and they will get 1.400 byte for free.

“EOS account creation cost is an extremely important aspect of the health of the platform. Many users of EOS decentralized applications are early adopters, people who are eager and willing to spend the time to understand the EOS blockchain. But in the future, users will not be as eager.”

The lowered cost will mean more developers will create new accounts or entice their new user to create fresh accounts and pay less. This will reduce the existing adoption bottle neck and increase the number on developers on the ecosystem thus driving towards profitability.

EOS Rising in dApp Profile and Onboarding

Ethereum has been hit by various technical hitches while Stellar is still anticipating its listing on Coinbase, EOS is stealing the show. The number of new dApps on EOS ecosystem is on the rise. By the time Ethereum and other dApp platform realize the market share is slipping through their fingers, OS will be miles away.

The recent migration of developers from the Ethereum outfit has seen EOS as one of the major beneficiaries and this will translate into NEO coin price and value growth. Investors are now looking at the platforms’ capability and not its initial market entry hype. This recently prompted an EOS fanatic to tweet recently:

“EOS Dapp ecosystem 1.8 version:

More and more teams based on Ethereum have turned to EOS.

Excellent team work together to create EOS eco-prosperity. 😉#EOS #eosio pic.twitter.com/QaVLDcYSbu”

— MEET.ONE (@MeetDotOne) August 13, 2018

The EOS strategy change has come at the right time when developers are looking for a better platform to build their applications. The EOS price has not shown any significance changes but the bearish market appears to be holding it down and once the market recovers, a breakout on price and value is likely to be achieved before close of the year.