To the onlooker, Tezos (XTZ) appears like a small coin but its potential lies in the niche it seeks to disrupt and take control of; the dApp and smart contracts. This could turn out to be the next blockchain based project hub. Its entry into the online video market is a surefire hook for the platform adoption and the eventual value growth for XTZ.

The online video market is a wash with users who are ready to spend in return for value and this is one easy route to the market win for Tezos. However, the team behind the Tezos project goes a step further to encourage participants to take control of the system in a formal way. As a Tezos stakeholder, you also double up as a decision maker a good sign of a decentralized ecosystem.

Tezos (XTZ) Popularity in the Market

Tezos (XTZ) has been on a steady growth and appears to be changes positions in the market with Dogecoin (DOGE). The coin has risen through the ranks to position 19 by market cap and ready to challenge those in the top 10 in the coming days.

The Tezos co-founder, Kathleen Breitman, in a recent interview indicated that the coin will focus more on the video gaming niche. The industry offers a better chance since it is in dire need of applications that work well with smart contracts.

At the time of compiling this report, the price of XTZ stood at $1.27 after marginally gaining 4.45% against the green buck and 4.17% to Bitcoin. This is quite commendable given the bearish market that has seen the majority of major coins and tokens fighting to remain profitable.

Tezos XTZ Entry to the Online Video Market

With this good news and the segment the coin will defined, the ay well defined, the XTZ coin price has been on the rise given the market the coin is playing and the amount of ready buyers available. The co-founder says:

“The reason I’m focusing on online video games is primarily because the users of these games tend to have the right profile for adopting new digital paradigms.”

However, Kathleen did not go into details on how the platform will enter into the video gaming, she has indicated that there is a third party firm that will be involved. However, she goes on to insist that Tezos will focus on building applications that are user friendly for fast adoption.

On the Goldman Sachs’ Bitcoin trading desk plan failure to take off, the Kathleen added:

“I’m not surprised it didn’t go through. There’s a paucity of sophisticated actors who understand bitcoin really well in these Wall Street firms.”

The Goldman Sachs news hit the headlines at beginning of September with many crypto analysts arguing the failure of Bitcoin desk addition on the platform led to the crypto market crash, an accusation that Goldman Sachs has termed as fake news.

Tezos (XTZ) Better than Ethereum (ETH)

The rise of Tezos (XTZ) popularity appears to be linked to the migration of developers from Ethereum in search of shiny dApp platforms to base their projects. Both outfits use similar contract systems with Tezos going a step further to involve its stakeholders in decision making. Stakeholders have an upper hand in voting to set the protocols future agendas.

If it turns out the Tezos is the preferred platform for developing applications  in the online video industry, the low transactions fees, transparency and scalability will be a big plus for ecosystem and it makes sense staking on XTZ for the long term focused investor.