Although IOTA (MIOTA) is seen dropping over -7% against the fiat in the course of the last 24 hours on September 12th, that way losing its spot among the top ten cryptos and taking the place of the 12th largest currency instead, IOTA foundation is probably one of the most successful IoT projects.

Thanks to IOTA’s unique technology, known as Tangle which is a so-called “blockless” network, IOTA has found numerous use cases, steadily progressing towards revolutionizing the Internet of Things through various machine-to-machine use cases.

With IOTA and blockchain-inspired network that hosts its native currency MIOTA, we will soon get to see Tangle operating vehicles through IoT, that way contributing to the evolution of IoT and blockchain use cases.

IOTA: Blockchain of Choice for Volkswagen, Fujitsu, and Bosch

IOTA is actually one of the rare cryptocurrencies showcasing concrete real-life use case with numerous partnerships sealed and several IoT projects already being launched or in the process of development.

First off, IOTA launched and announced the first crypto charging station for electric vehicles, running on MIOTA and directly showcasing the real-life use case of MIOTA and Tangle at the same time.

However, setting up a crypto charging station in the Netherlands was only the beginning of IOTA’s impact on the Internet of Things revolution.

As Ethereum Classic (ETC) is also joining the IoT race, it might be more than obvious that IOTA has an upper hand in this situation given the fact that the entire IOTA project is focused on the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communication even since MIOTA was first launched, that way providing a clear vision of the foundation’s focus.

IOTA previously made partners with tech and automotive giants like Volkswagen, Bosch as well as Fujitsu as of the most recent case, which provides an additional support for IOTA for establishing an interconnected system through IoT that will enable cheap, fast and efficient machine-to-machine communication for real-life use cases.

For starters, IOTA’s partnership with Volkswagen will bring us to a prominent project called Digital Car Pass, which will serve the purpose of tracking the performance of Volkswagen’s vehicles. The product should become available at the beginning of 2019 when it is also expected to see IOTA spiking up in accordance with the rise of more real-life use cases with Tangle and IoT.

Moreover, Volkswagen and IOTA should also collaborate on enabling safe driver-less cars in the near future.

Thanks to such projects, IOTA is being slowly established as the leading blockchain project in the terms of finding various use cases for its technology.

IOTA Helping Mosquito-Infested Areas with Tangle

Besides from running several projects focused on tech and automotive industry, IOTA is finding a real-life use case in the medical industry as well by helping in the prevention of mosquito-transmissible diseases like malaria, Dengue, Zika and other forms of diseases carried by different species of mosquitoes.

With Tangle and IOTA, thanks to the combination of the state of the art and laser technology, the project will be designed to identify potential dangers of certain species of mosquitoes in more than 128 areas worldwide by minimizing the risk of getting infected with various diseases carried by mosquitoes.

That way, IOTA will be able to share the information on the present species, available medicines and pesticides being used directly to non-government organizations, governments, hospitals, and medical institutions, consequently cutting the number of infected people and enhancing the efficiency of preventing such diseases.

IOTA Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology

One of the major partners, Fujitsu, most recently acquired by IOTA stated in the spirit of making the partnership official that “the potential of IOTA and Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology are immense.”

Furthermore, Fujitsu’s Rolf Werner who joined IOTA Foundation board stated that the potential of IOTA goes beyond making payments and initializing machine-to-machine communication where supply chain monitoring and identity management are only a few of many use cases that IOTA can bring to the Internet of Things.

Cooperating with tech and automotive giants, IOTA really seems to be on the head of the Internet of Things revolution.

IOTA in the Market

Although IOTA is gaining momentum across the internet thanks to numerous projects powered by tangle, we can see it dropping against the dollar on September 12th.

After the latest change, IOTA went down by over -7%, currently being traded at the price of 0.51$ as the 12th-largest crypto on the official ranking list.