There are around 2000 different crypto assets being traded as per the official ranking list on Coin Market Cap, and since the crypto market makes up for quite a competitive ecosystem it can be difficult to follow up with small cap currencies unless some of them show amazing performance in the market.

One of such altcoins is Webcoin (WEB) ranked as far as the 766th currency on the official ranking list with the latest increase of nearly 50% against the fiat in the course of the last 24 hours, which might tackle the question on the matter what Webcoin is and what it represents.

Webcoin (WEB) Up by 48% in the Last 24 Hours: What is WEB?

Webcoin is a relatively young currency being out as an ICO since May of the current year, which doesn’t make it more than several months old.

During the initial coin offering and the start of the pre-sale, Webcoin was presented as a blockchain project set to combine the world of digital marketing with crypto assets and blockchain technology, that way creating WEB and Webcoin.

During the initial pre-sale, WEB collected around 400,000 dollars, while almost 4 months later, Webcoin has a market cap of over 1,3 million dollars. With the latest change in the market, WEB is seen spiking up heavily collecting 48% of gains against the fiat in a short period of time.

As WEB managed to collect a more than a decent set of gains during the course of the last 24 hours on September 13th, many might be wondering what is behind the driving force of the most recent price surge despite the not as benevolent market trends.

Apparently, Webcoin is said to combine three keys aspects of the global economy, which is digital marketing, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, as stated by the Webcoin team in their official ICO bench presentation.

In that spirit, Webcoin is offering cheaper marketing for their users at lower costs thanks to the clever utilization of blockchain technology, also offering social mining and other ways of earning through being actively involved in social media engagement.

Since there seem to be no intentions of pumping and dumping Webcoin with the most recent set of gains that went up almost to 50% in a single day, it is probably the case that Webcoin features and offers started to slowly catch on across the crypto community.

Webcoin: Social Mining and Monetizing Involvement

Thanks to social mining, Webcoin has a chance of becoming more popular as it keeps on gaining on momentum. Social mining actually represents an incentive program that rewards WEB users for liking, sharing and commenting on various social media content.

The system then rewards the socially active users with WEB coins and Ether (ETH), enabling earning through a simple concept of social mining, which might be one of the main factors pushing WEB up the currency list.

Once the users are rewarded with Web or ETH, they can, later on, sell their tokens or keep them safely stored in their digital wallets.

Another perk available with Webcoin and is the simplified and effective yet cheaper digital marketing. With digital marketing 2.0, marketing is said to be more proficiently conducted while enabling WEB users to earn by monetizing their involvement across different social media channels.

Alongside with the mentioned features available on, Webcoin announced in one of their most recent Twitter posts that WEB should get listed on two Korean-based exchange platforms in the course of the following months, also announcing a competition that includes a WEB giveaway of 1,4850,000 Webcoin units.

Webcoin in the Market

Besides from scoring nearly 50% of gains in the course of a single day, Webcoin is showing some amazing performance on weekly, monthly and bi-monthly charts.

That is how WEB makes up for one of the top gaining currencies in the market during the period of the last 60 days, scoring over 2000% of gains against the fiat.

Alongside with dominating on the bi-monthly chart, WEB is trading in the green also showing over 500% of rises in the course of the last seven days.

While this is barely the beginning for Webcoin (WEB) currency, there is yet to determine whether the project will get to the point of mainstream usage and mass adoption in the time to come.