Verge (XVG) controversies appear to have ebbed away and the “crypto bad boy” tag has become a thing of the past. The PornHub collaboration hit the crypto verse with a lot of mixed reactions with many XVG lovers thinking it was spoiling the party. However this led to additional adoption   which is yet to translate into value.

For the last few months, XVG has been able to create a network of merchants, vendors and agents across the globes that are accepting XVG as their official payment currency. According to the Verge (XVG) webpage, there are over 120 outlets that are accepting payments are XVG. What’s more; the project team promises its users to keep checking for Verge vendors in their neighborhoods.

The team appears not to have been distracted by the bearish market and have been working on opening new channels where the XVG coin can be used as a payment option. The last two weeks have already yielded to more outlets where you can get and use your Verge currency.

Verge XVG Now on Bitnovo

In a tweet two days a day ago, Bitnovo, a big supporter of cryptocurrency usage based in Spain and Italy announced that Verge enthusiasts can now purchase the coin through their ATMs located in over 20,000 stores across the two countries. You can use a pre-paid debit card or a mobile App designed for iOS and Android to get your XVG.

“We also have Bitnovo exchangeable coupons to buy Verge, available in establishments like Fnac , Eroski , Carrefour , in Spain and Italy. A simple way to acquire #Verge $XVG.”

The Bitnovo support for Verge is an easy but strategic move to keep the Verge community growing as well as increase the coins real life use cases that many coins in the market are yet to achieve. According to Bitnovo:

“With @bitnovo buy and receive #Verge $XVG fast to your wallet! And buy anonymous with our vouchers and gift cards at 20,000 stores!”

Verge XVG Accepted at Crypto Planet

With the behind the scenes developments on the Verge ecosystem, the coin has gotten a nod from Crypto Planet, a fast growing giant e-commerce site that supports crypto users by providing the best avenue to spend their digital coins as opposed to the old way of purchasing using fiat or plastic cards.

While making the announcement, Crypto Planet wrote on their twitter handle:

We would like to congratulate @vergecurrency for successfully integrating with our Online Store. Verge Network Participants can now Shop Goods with $XVG. We are offering a 15% Discount on the First 1000 Orders Purchased with $XVG

Code: #ILoveVerge

We Love #CryptoPlanet

Verge Code Rebasing Complete

The tam behind the Verge project has indicated that it has Verge code rebase to Bitcoins v0.13 is on course and this has seen increased activity around XVG will the price trading on the gaining territory after a tormenting bearish two months.

The rebasing means that users have the ability to fork the code and create their own coins with custom terms. The announcement made yesterday saw a slight surge on the XVG price and this could bring back the coin to life. The coin has traded on the green zone for the last 24 hours and at the time of compiling this report the XVG coin was trading at $0.013451 after a 2.74%gains from the dollar.

With the current inroads to the retail market and improvement of the Verge ecosystem the crypto bad boy tags is soon getting off the market to usher in a new look and focused Verge currency. With a supportive community and increasing demand for functional privacy coins in the crypto verse, Verge future is being cut out today.