Launched back in 2014 as issued by the EOS and Steem founder, Dan Larimer and Ethereum co-founder and Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson; Bitshares (BTS) is now representing one of the top 100 coins in the market.

Currently ranked as the 32nd largest crypto, Bitshares is the first blockchain project to be based on a delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, now counting over 305,3 million dollars in market capitalization.

At the same time, Bitshares was known by the infamous case of having BTS delisted from Bittrex during 2017 having the BTS wallets suspended, although the foundation was working on expanding the BTS network, making up for one of the top ten coins by market cap.

However, even then Bitshares was one of the most active blockchain projects, now being the topmost active blockchain in the market as of mid-September of 2018.

Bitshares and the Status of the Most Active Blockchain in the Market

In one of the most recent announcements made by Bitshares on their official Twitter page, the team representatives have published a screenshot from, stating that Bitshares is now the most active blockchain in the market.

In the announcement that went out on September 14th, Bitshares was crowned with the status of the most active blockchain project, as shown in the official statistics provided by Blocktivity.

Blocktivity is a website set to diminish FUD and Hype news, thus providing an insight into a true value of blockchain assets that go beyond the market capitalization and focuses on the activity of blockchain projects.

While back in 2017 Bitshares made up for the third most active blockchain with Steem talking the first place followed with Ethereum, the most recent results show that Bitshares now represents the most active blockchain in the terms of operations.

In September 2018, right after Bitshares, Steem, EOS, Ethereum and Bitcoin are lining up to collect momentum regarding proactive blockchain activities.

The list was released with the result of the last seven days for activity in operations as well as in market capitalization where BTC is still holding the first place with 79.9% of the total market cap, where BTS is only holding 0.2% of the total value of cryptocurrencies.

In the spirit of earning the status of the most active blockchain in operations, Bitshares team representatives are frequent in updating the community with all activities and proposals revolving around the project in form of making weekly Bitshares State of the Network.

Bitshares State of Network: How Bitshares is Doing in the Second Week of September?

Bitshares released an official report on Bitshares activities for the second week of September of 2018.

Besides from releasing the 100th in a row the State of Network report on Medium, Bitshares is said to be the top active blockchain in the market during the last week when it comes to blockchain operations.

In this week’s report, the team stated that there is only one week left until BitFest in Amsterdam begins, also providing a detailed report on changes and updates in the BTS network.

The team also announced releasing the UI release candidate, stating that the UI was published to the staging system on

Moreover, the Trusty team has submitted their proposal for a new DEX with the proposal to deliver a highly trusted, user-friendly wallet that would be oriented to the needs of traders, also making the wallet fully responsive.

The team also stated that Bitshares has seen an increased number of new wallet registrations during the last week, adding that there have been nearly 4500 new accounts created during the period of the last seven days.

Bitshares in the Market

As the market has entered a rebound phase approximately a few days ago, many currencies are showing positive results in the market.

Bitshares is also seen going up against the fiat, rising up by over 8% on September 14th and being traded at the price of around 0.11$ per one BTS unit.

Bitshares (BTS) made it to its all-time high value back at the beginning of January when the currency saw the price of 0.79$ per one Bitshares unit. However, BTS never went above the symbolic price of 1$ during its lifetime although Bitshares represents one of the most active blockchain projects.