More than two weeks ago, on August 30th, the Lisk foundation announced that Lisk Core 1.0 was successfully migrated to the mainnet, that way thanking their business partners, Lightcurve, as well as the community for helping the team get to this achievement.

Lisk (LSK) is currently ranked as the 23rd largest cryptocurrency by its market capitalization of over 406 million dollars and with the most recent 24-hour trading volume of over 8 million dollars. In case you take a look at the list of all cryptocurrencies, you will notice that Lisk makes up for one of the few assets among the top 100 list going up against the fiat on September 17th.

So, while the majority of assets is barely touching from 0.50% to 1% of rises or dropping against the latest market trend, Lisk is seen going up by over 9% in the period of the last 24 hours.

Lisk and the Latest Developments

Although Lisk Core version 1.0 was released more than two weeks ago as confirmed with the announcement released on August 30th by the team LSK, Lisk didn’t see some major rebound attempts until September 17th.

That is how only now with the latest positive change against the fiat that LSK is showing 0.90% of gains on the weekly chart barely going above the red.

Lisk is also showing negative results in the course of the last two weeks, going down by -20% against the dollar, which might mean that a sudden positive factor has influenced the price of LSK, as this asset currently represents the only crypto among the top 300 list of digital assets actually showing some serious gains.

While the rest of the market is suffering at the moment of this writing, Lisk is not only going through some positive changes in the terms of price increases but also in the matter of announcing new updates and developments within the Lisk network.

In one of the recent posts from the Lisk team, the representatives announced that all components of the Lisk network are being updated and aligned with each other, which is how the overall performance of the network is being gradually improved as the team is working on new updates.

The components of the system Lisk Core, Lisk Commander, Lisk Elements and Lisk Hub are all being aligned with the latest updates.

Just after the team released Core 1.0 on August 29th, confirming the migration as successful a day later, the developers have already announced new updates that are currently in the process of development.

Moreover, the sidechain of Lisk network called MANDANA was mentioned in a positive connotation in German’s paper The World (Die Welt), which additionally provides momentum for Lisk as well, considering the fact that the network is touching a new base developing a sidechain as MANDANA makes up for the first major ICO on the Lisk Network.

That way Lisk is showing a great capacity for hosting new ICOs, which is more or less a nonexclusive specialty of Ethereum with ERC-20 type tokens like TRON (TRX) once used to be.

MANDANA team stated on the occasion of finding a host in Lisk that they are proud to be a part of the network as their team was looking for a trust-worthy, scalable, fast and solid blockchain layer which Lisk represents.

Although Lisk accepted MANDANA to the network back in mid-February, the pre-sale for this ICO will not end until 44 more days.

The team behind LSK also announced on September 11th that they have released Lisk Explorer version 2.1.5, which brought fixes to transaction filter, also improving the overall performance of the explorer.

Lisk team is also launching Lisk Tech Community video series, where the team will be highlighting the attributes of the projects hosted on Lisk, also providing more information on these perhaps underrated projects.

Lisk in the Market

It is not the fact that LSK didn’t see a single increase since the launch of Lisk Core 1.0. It’s quite the opposite; however, the rough and consistent market trends have brought Lisk to the negative results on weekly and bi-weekly charts regardless, only to be partially pulled out of the crisis with the latest increase of over 9%.

With the latest change in the market, Lisk is now being traded at the price of 3.68$, still away from its all-time high of around 38$ per one LSK.