With the ever increasing cost of energy, Power Ledger (POWR) appears to have come up with the best solution for both developed and developing countries. The ecosystem is making it easier for participants to trade solar energy in a peer to peer market place. This is a very positive move that will encourage power consumers to go green.

The adverse effects of convectional powers sources have been felt globally and harnessing the solar power capabilities will also boost the user power grinds whilst lowering the overall costs and ensuring the environment is kept clean. Based in Australia, the company is poised for massive adoptions as people continue looking for cheaper and green energy.

Power Ledger (POWR) Real Life Use Cases

Power Ledger is working with BCPG and Sansiri, a real estate firm for the first ever project that rides on blockchain to make it possible for people to trade solar power. However, the overall goal is to achieve their dream village to village power trading. The village based trading concept will see them become self-sufficient and the surplus sold to those who do not have enough.

India’s Tech Mahindra has partnered with Power Ledger and user data has been used as the security to the trading outfit. The arrangement is known as Microgrids makes power access local and you do not have to invest a lot on the initial infrastructure.

This concept is also a right fit for electric cars. Car charging system have been known to utilize solar energy and Power ledge is about to take this to large scale and will drastically lower the cost of running vehicles for individuals and companies.

Power Ledger (POWR) Growth

Power Ledger (POWR) is one of the fastest growing coins this year and has already made inroads in to the Indian sub-continent and have also set base in Bangkok. Then continued growth has seen the coin increase in value and visibility. Not many people though that blockchain will disrupt the energy sector that fast.

The solar energy market is very huge and the coin is poised to benefit hugely in countries where the cost traditional energy is getting out of the ordinary user. The blockchain consumer billing system is quite transparent and there are no hidden charges and once the pilot projects become successful, a global coverage will be eminent.

The best part of the innovation is that payments will be done using Sparkz token which is not exposed to the volatility of the crypto markets. While launching their trial project in Thailand, it emerged that the project will ride on the MEA ecosystem as a utility that will facilitate physical transactions and billing.

According to the Power Ledger MD, David Martin:

“Having a utility allow the physical transaction of energy inside the T77 precinct is an important step towards our aim of providing individuals with the ability to sell their excess power.”

Power Ledger (POWR) Price Up as Popularity as Use Cases Grow

The last few days have seen the POWR price spike north after a month of struggling in a bearish market. With the cost of power getting out of reach for many, Power Ledger is about to turn mainstream and the current POWR price is just placeholder. With more high profile investors set to pour more cash into the system, the coin value is set to increase very soon.

At the time of writing, POWR tokens were trading at $0.155670 after gains of 8.13% to the green buck, 8.27% to BTC and 7.37% to ETH. The token is predicted to appreciate to the $1 mark before the end of the years and 2019 could be the best as it continues to make inroads globally.