The uncontrolled growth of the blockchain industry has left many wondering which coins or tokens offer the best returns in trading or are suitable for the long term investing. Each crypto has its brand that looks fool proof on paper but in real world use case offering score a zero. NEO (NEO) is the opposite.

NEO has developed a product that will revolutionize the actual ownership on tangible assets through in a transparent environment. The outfits’ infrastructure focuses on a smart economy that will allow ownership of non-digital assets become easily verifiable. Its legitimacy is bases on practically solving a problem that the conventional technologies have not been able to solve.

The NEO whitepaper is very clear on what the team wants to achieve using the blockchain technology capabilities:

“Digitalizing, “real-world assets…enabling registration, depositor, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via a peer-to-peer network…”

This sounds like a summary of the entire project and the team has been able to achieve most of the goals. The essence of cryptos and its underlying tech is to make life easy for the user and to date, NEO has done exactly done that and its use cases are gaining a lot of attention due to their practicality.

How Does NEO (NEO) Smart Economy Work

So much has been talked about blockchain interrupting specific industries and yet much remains to be seen. NEO is among the few coins that have positively impacted positively on user lifestyles. They have tapped in to the technology the system rides on to bring to the user a system of verifying their assets conveniently and fast.

Simply put, if you won a car, piece of land or a home, you can record these physical assets on the NEO system and they become identifiable as digital assets. The system links the physical asset with a digital identity asset. To make this process simple and fool proof, the system uses smart contracts technology.

Technically, the NEO explains in their whitepaper:

“Smart contracts… are self-executable agreements that are NEO blockchain specific and go live once pre-defined conditions are met.”

It is because of these “set rules” that NEO has become a leader in the “smart economy”. However, behind the smart economy lies the immutability layer that makes access to the identity of your assets inaccessible without your direct consent and this has been confirmed by Da Hongfei:

“NEO is an open network for a smart economy so it’s not just a platform for smart contracts. We are aiming to serve the future smart economy, which we define as a digitalized, programmable and trustless economy.”

NEO (NEO) Recognition in the Industry

NEO recognition as a market leader has pushed its value up to rank 15 by market cap. However NEO is not about the price but the future value proposition and its impact on the lives of its users. Recently, the platform received the highest recognition in the crypto-sphere with an A rating among other cryptos earlier in the year according to current ratings.

An increase in adoption has been noticed as more and more use cases grow on the platform. However, the anticipated industry disruption is what the modern investor is looking at as this will push the digital asset value up. Blockchain driven smart economy has a lot of potential and digitalization of assets is the next frontier and a NEO investment appears sound.