Cardano  (ADA) might be new in the crypto space but its widespread adoption is not hyped through social media; it is a natural acceptance that many coins and tokens in the market envy. The project’s product is selling itself to the market and the team behind it is playing their role to meet the user demands.

Most people are jumping in to the crypto space for the money and this has led to a lot of panicking when prices move south making the situation worse. This is evident with the current bearish markets where traders are looking at their losses and shifting from one coin to the other or existing to the fiat economy.

Cardano (ADA); A Project for a Good Cause

The crypto-sphere will continue being hit by market crashes as long as investors and traders do not get back to reality. The overwhelming support for Cardano is not about monetary gains but it is a good cause and is cutting across the globe and more so, the developing world. Changing lives in communities is better that tipping on social media.

The future ADA value is based on how well they roll out their use cases and not the ADA volumes that change hands at any given trading session. ADA and any other digital coin should be seen as the vehicles that move the project forward, accomplish its use cases and if the coin gathers value in the processes, the investor benefits.

Cardano Project Selling Itself through Product Research

Behind the project is a team on innovators and have been able to pick what solutions their audience is looking for. These great minds have come up with products that are alleviating the suffering of the poor and any right minded rich investor has a chance to be part of the movement and get rewarded in the long term.

Cardano has, through real life use cases, demonstrated that it is not a pump and dump project. The community is not about using mass adoption, enriching themselves and forking or going under. If you have been following the crypto-space, you will realize that coins and tokens without a well-researched product are the ones on twitter hyping their project.

Any good product sells itself; if there is too much hype and noise around a specific products, keep off; they are after building the project portfolio and abandoning it. Cardano route to market is well researched and calculated. It is air tight and transparent and that is why it is a household name in developing countries which is also less crypto exploited.

Cardano (ADA) Global Mission Becoming the Talk in the Crypto Verse

The Cardano value proposition is based on consumer privacy based on scalable parameters that create the right environment for sustainability for its users. The outfit deploys Haskell language based on academic research and peer to peer reviews.

Cardano mission is very simple; improvement of communities and the commitment has been amplified by the brain behind the outfit, Charles Hoskinson. If you have done a background check on the project and matched it with its use cases, you have the broad picture. Cardano (IOKH team) touching base with several East and North African countries is a big breakthrough for Cardano and Africa.

The visit is a good message to the NGO institutions who have failed in improving the development conditions of Africa. Cardano goal is to address socio-political and economic issues and offer practical solutions. With Cardano, any form of funding will directly go to the target population scattering any corrupt regimes.

Cardano and Ethiopia Project

Ethiopia is a major coffee producing country and this has not benefitted the farmers due to middlemen and cartels. By Cardano (ADA) joining hands with the agricultural sector, the supply chain will be streamlines and the farmer is set to benefit through efficient collection of revenues.

The partnership will also see improved and secure record keeping that will save the government thousands of dollars. Once the pilot project matures, the IOKH team is planning to streamline other sectors and this is a double win for Cardano in adoption and ADA value.

Cardano (ADA) is also setting base in Asia with Cambodia and Vietnam being on the radar thanks to the Emurgo dev team.  The Asian project seeks to streamline the food industry using the blockchain tech. the technology will be used in information verifications in a transparent environment and Charles adds:

“It creates a single global market enabling anyone to trade at a global scale, which is revolutionary. The blockchain platform can solve many varied issues and make the world a better place.”