Tron Foundation announced several hours ago on November 16th that the newly released Tron Accelerator will aid the team in encouraging Dapp development. In the meanwhile, TRX is heading towards a rebound after the horrific market dip that took place around November 14th.

Ever since the Independence Day for Tronics took place back at the end of June of 2018, TRX team has focused on a rapid development of the cryptocurrency, its network in form of a newly released main net at the time, as well as projects that should increase decentralization and “bring a new digital era with TRON.”

Within this digital era, a great focus goes to the creation of decentralized applications with TRON Virtual Machine that comes with a complete set of developers tools, enabling Dapp creation in a highly scalable environment of TRX network.

TRON foundation claims that TVM represents in a way the start of a great future for Dapp developers who are looking for highly functional ecosystems for developing decentralized applications.

In that spirit, TRX team announced the release of Tron Accelerator, which should encourage Dapp developers to create, consequently bringing more developers to the TRON network.

Tron Accelerator Released: TRON Set to Encourage Dapp Creation with 1 Million Dollars

As TRON is gaining more positive momentum with its newly launched TRON decentralized exchange (DEX), which is said to have scored a trading volume of over 184 million dollars in the course of only several days, the foundation is preparing a treat for Dapp developers.

Apparently, TRON announced on November 16th the release of Tron Accelerator which is said to be created in order to encourage the development of decentralized applications with TRON Virtual Machine.

Tron Accelerator is described in the official Twitter announcement as a program made especially for fostering Dapp development in the blockchain space.

That is how the program is comprised of 1 million USD dollars which will be used for the initial purpose of encouraging the development of decentralized applications.

Moreover, the project should attract more developers to TRX network, driving the extended utilization of Tron Virtual Machine, which is said to be far superior for Dapp creation when compared to Ethereum network and EVM, as stated by Justin Sun.