Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun has placed the winning bid for a charity auction that will see him take lunch with veteran investor Warren Buffet.

Tron confirmed via a tweet that indeed he had placed a bid of $4.57 million, a new record for the annual auction towards charity.

The Tron chief launched the project’s ICO in 2017 and raised $70 million and has bought p2p file sharing platform BitTorrent and recently launched Peiwo.

Sun has revealed that he will take with him seven other crypto enthusiasts to dine with Buffet, a long-time crypto-skeptic, at Manhattan’s Smith & Wollensky.

Though Buffet has had a negative view of crypto, Sun noted in a Medium post that he believes in Buffett’s investing strategy.  The billionaire investor once referred to bitcoin as “rat poison squared” and noted that putting money on such an asset was like having your bet on a “zero or double zero” at a roulette wheel.

Buffett has indicated through a communiqué from his assistant that he is looking forward to meeting and dining with Justin Sun and his friends. He promised the group would have a good moment together, even as the Glide charity takes the opportunity offered through the auction to reach thousands of people.

Similar auctions have been conducted since 2000, with more than $32 million collected over the years. The Glide Foundation used the funds to help the homeless as well as those that are struggling with different addictions in San Francisco.

The winning bid for 2018 closed at $3.3 million.

The 2019 auction was co-hosted by the “eBay for Charity” initiative, a program that enables eBay’s online community to donate in support of given charities that individual members choose. The “eBay for charity” program has seen over $910 million go to nonprofits for similar efforts as that of Buffet’s lunch auction.